Friday, April 25, 2008

A Motivational Experiment: Week 3

The following is an open letter to my hair.
Dear Lohawk:

Well, it was good while it lasted. We really got the kids motivated for a while. You had everybody at school talking; teachers, administrators and students alike. Many students spoke of dying you different colors if they did well on the test, or the glue that would be needed for future liberty spikes. Students from other classes wondered if you were the result of me losing a bet (I told them instead that I had been attacked by a bear). Good times, good times.

Unfortunately, you and I both knew it wasn't meant to last. Sooner or later, the kids would take you, and more importantly what you stood for, for granted. Sadly, that time is now. It is time to end our experiment.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.


Mr. D
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